NHG threatens to take leaseholders flats unless they pay service charges arrears which are in dispute. 


NHG is threatening to take leaseholders’ flats unless they pay extortionate service charge arrears – which are in dispute. 

This is a serious threat of forfeiture for disputed service charges at Ann Carver Lodge in Wembley. This legal action threatens leaseholders with the loss of their homes. 

In effect, NHG will try to take their homes without compensation through court action. 

NHG have just posted a £114 million ‘surplus’ on their joint accounts. So they have the money and will use the legal system to attack their own residents. 

Residents received letters a few days ago. Presumably this forfeiture letter will be sent out to all residents as they are all in the same boat.  The sum owed in these instances is under £500 yet NHG are threatening forfeiture!

Residents are all still paying their service charges every month. What they are not paying – while the sums are under dispute – is the amount of overspend causing the arrears.  

The residents have issued a Section 22 notice asking for copies of the receipts making up the “actuals” on the service charge statement.  

The pack they received was missing information and the whole process of chasing the information has been very time consuming. Residents have been invited to attend the offices to go over the receipts however due to work and family commitments this has been difficult to arrange so far. 

The Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents note that NHG has publicly committed itself to transparency. Only last week at a presentation on the ‘Resident Promise’ it was re-stated that NHG ‘Will improve ..the accuracy and transparency of service charges.’

We call on NHG to be transparent and disclose all the information regarding the Ann Carver Lodge service charge statement by providing copies of all the receipts to back up these service charge demands and by making the process less time-consuming for residents.

We also call on NHG to negotiate,  rather than proceed with very serious legal action which could lead to people losing their homes. 

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