NHG refunds £85,000 in service charges as it threatens other residents with seizure of their homes and leaves elderly residents without services


Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) has been forced to refund £85,000 service charges to  residents in Maida Vale (1) while in Wembley it threatens to seize resident’s homes because of contested service charge arrears of £500 (2). 

Meanwhile in Southend, elderly NHG residents in Catherine Lodge were left stranded in their flats when 24 hour care was suddenly cut (3). The local newspaper, the Echo, reports that:

“Catherine [Lodge], off Baxter Avenue, Southend, is run by Notting Hill Genesis and includes 55 flats for people with medium to high support needs however 24-hour care has been stopped.”

And in Halstead, the Halstead Gazette (4) reports that:

“Residents living above the ground floor in Vicarage Court, off Chapel Hill, Halstead, claim they are being left stranded for weeks because the only lift in the building is regularly out of action.” 

The Gazette continues:

“Residents say Genesis installed a stair lift several months ago in a bid to provide another option to get in and out of the building. However, the new equipment has also proved temperamental and has made access more difficult when using the stairs. Another resident, who is in their sixties, added: “People can’t get their shopping or wheelchairs up and down the stairs because the seat is too wide.”

All this is surely not just a unhappy coincidence. 

NHG is a huge merged housing association with a millionaire chair with no social housing experience and a CEO who is closely associated with failed government housing policies. NHG is pledged to borrow more and more money to build out-of-reach houses which will not solve the housing crisis.

NHG has no time for residents. Let alone effective policies aimed at solving the housing crisis. 

Last year in 2017/2018 it actually managed to cut the number of social rent homes that it has. 

This is a policy of the Executive Team and Board and it is about maximising income stream to pay off increasing debts employed to build housing which will not solve the housing crisis. The latest joint accounts note that the amount owed to creditors tops £4 billion (5). 

Residents continue to pay the price. 

Join us and start a movement for change!



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