NHG backs down over phoney service charges. Remember the CC on your e mails!

From a resident:

“For years now I have gone through repeated rituals with Genesis. They would apply service charges for services that I don’t receive and I would battle with them and eventually they would back down. 

I am a secure tenant in a basement flat in a street property, yet one year I was told to pay towards a sinking fund. Did Genesis not know that I am not a leaseholder or was that just a way to hike the charges to a level way above those of a tenant?

I receive no services and have it in writing that I am not liable. Yet only 6 months after their last abortive attempt they tried again. I said that after a decade of failed attempts it was no longer a ‘system error’. It was attempted fraud. There could be only two reasons. Either monumental incompetence or knowing the charges are phoney but not caring because, to use legal phraseology, it’s a ‘nice little earner.’, NHG have not disputed my fraud allegation.

NHG say they could see that this was not the first time that they had tried to wrongly charge me. So they knew that I did not owe them but still tried, one excuse being that their records were out of date. Well, whose fault is that? They also asked me to confirm if I was a tenant, leaseholder or shared ownership tenant. Did they not know?

Why did NHG cave in? 

Was it seeing the list of MP, councillors, newspapers and reporters that I had CC’d or perhaps having emails saying that I was not liable?

Were they truly shocked at their blunder?

No, I don’t think so either.

Was it because like all bullies they can’t cope when being stood up to?

Do not accept NHG’s “unfair and inaccurate” service charges!” 

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