Fighting service charges. The ‘suitcase on wheels’ technique.

A resident of Genesis explains an interesting technique for dealing with service charges which are unfair:

“A few years ago, we discovered that service charges covered duplicated call-outs and return visits, some at weekends at double time, despite the works not being completed.  In fact the call outs went into double figures.

Each call-out was charged, but we only saw that when we asked for the breakdown of costs on our service charges.

I arranged an appointment at the Genesis Office and I went with a suitcase on wheels full of files.

I said I was willing to sit there all day and go through all the files and all my emails to prove that there were charges on our account that shouldn’t be there.

They went off and came back and agreed to a refund without going through my files. 

Moral of the story: keep records, ask to see the breakdowns and receipts and question everything.”

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