Getting information on service charges. Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

Getting information about your Service Charges

Why is it that my service charges are higher than my neighbours although we must get the same services? 

Why have my charges increased so much in the last few years?

What does this list of ‘services’  actually mean?

So what’s a ‘Usage Charge’? And why is there a ‘Management Fee’ – when you get no services anyway? 

Are your service charges just being made up? Challenge it. You are allowed. Getting no answer to your queries? This is something Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) won’t tell you, but you have a legal right to inspect all the receipts!

Under Sections 21 and 22 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (LTA 1985) you have the right to request a summary of the service charges account. 

You can also inspect all receipts, accounts etc from the last accounting year. If the accounts are not kept by accounting years, you are entitled to check the details from the past 12 months.

You need to write to request a summary. Quote the words ‘Section 21 LTA 1985’. NHG are supposed to produce the summary within a month of your request (or within six months of the end of the accounting period, whichever is the later). 

Keep a record of your request, and file it – with the date on. 


Further notes:

1. For more details:  

2. Extract of Section 22 of the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985

“Section 22.  Request to inspect supporting accounts &c.

  1. This section applies where a tenant, or the secretary of a recognised tenants’ association, has obtained such a summary as is referred to in section 21(1) (summary of relevant costs), whether in pursuance of that section or otherwise.
  1. (2)The tenant, or the secretary with the consent of the tenant, may within six months of obtaining the summary require the landlord in writing to afford him reasonable facilities—

(a)for inspecting the accounts, receipts and other documents supporting the summary, and

(b)for taking copies or extracts from them.”

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