The CEO of Notting Hill Genesis can’t make the enquiry of the London Assembly on 4 Oct! But who else can take her place?

The housing committee of the London Assembly – elected by Londoners to represent them – will have an enquiry on housing associations on 4 October. 

To help them in this task they asked four CEOs to answer questions for them. Kate Davies of Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), David Montague from L&Q; Ruth Cooke from Clarion; and Rod Cahill from Catalyst. 

NHG is receiving part of a £20 billion package from the Greater London Authority, announced in August (1)

But our CEO has a ‘prior engagement’ so cannot attend the London Assembly’s enquiry. Odd that.  She is not known for being shy of publicity. 

Anyway. OK.  We want to help here. Is there really no-one else at NHG who can take her place? 

The millionaire Chair of Notting Hill Genesis perhaps? Maybe not…. he is, after all, a director of a wealth management company. Might not look good with wages and salaries flatlining across London…. it could lead to tricky questions……

Or maybe the Board member who is a, “founding member of HM Treasury Taskforce in 1997, charged with structuring Public Private Partnerships (2).” Mmm. Perhaps not….. He might be asked embarrassing question about Public Private Partnerships which are not exactly flavour of the month right now……

I know! What about the Group Director of Regeneration! Ah, yes. Wonderful idea. But……Hold it.  Wasn’t he in charge of that Genesis development in Colindale which got refused by the Mayor of London for making planning applications which had too few social rent homes (3)? Best not ..… that might rebound on us. 

We really, really want to help here. But we can see the problem. Maybe you are right, it is better that we don’t send anyone. 

But if we don’t, then maybe the London Assembly members on the Housing Committee will ask themselves ‘Why are we funding these people if they refuse to answer questions in a public forum?’


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