Notting Hill and Genesis have refused to allow 170,000 residents to vote on the merger. So we are organising it!

Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association have:

-refused to allow a vote. The NHH questionnaire did not contain a question on whether residents wanted a merger. The Genesis one just asked if the residents was ‘happy about the planned merger

-refused to allow any anti-merger information to be circulated.

-refused to give addresses to the two resident organisations – LIsten!NHH and Genesis Residents – to stop any anti-merger literature getting to residents

-refused to allow residents to see the data that staff have collected. They say that staff will prepare a secret report for the board and the shareholders of both organisations.

NHH and Genesis have been sending out teams of staff going from door to door to convince residents to agree with the merger.

They have told Listen!NHH and Genesis Residents that “we will spend what is necessary” to conduct their consultation. And to get the answer they want

We reject completely this fraudulent consultation. We invite all residents to reject it too.

So we are currently going from door to door across the whole of Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association asking people if they are against the merger.

If they are, we ask them to put their name on the ‘I Vote No’ form.

We are trying to get to everyone but if you have time, join us.


Go around your neighbours and ask them to put their down on the ‘I Vote No.’


Now is the time to act to stop their merger!

Here is the downloadable voting form for those who want to vote against the merger.

The important thing in the name, whether the residents is from Genesis or NHH, and the council/borough the resident lives in. Any other details are optional but will help to build the campaign.

Get the vote of all your neighbours and then scan/photograph the form and send it to
Vote form for the 'No' campaign in JPEG

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