Making a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Genesis

In the last general meeting on 11th July, some residents talked of having used a Subject Access Request (SAR) in their dealings with Genesis.

In theory, Genesis should send copies of everything they have on record about you and this includes emails amongst themselves where they may be talking negatively about you.  This should also include all financial records with your name/home etc.

As we understand it, the law states Genesis must reply with the information within 40 days and then if not a resident can report them to the ICO. It costs £10 to make the application.

Here are some links which may be helpful when putting together a letter together to send to Genesis.

Below you will find the draft letter which you can used as a template for all residents – tenants, leaseholders and shared owners.


Subject Access Request template page one in JPEG



Subject Access Request template page two JPEG

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