Send in your observations about the new repair service NHG are planning!

You may have received a letter from NHG entitled: S.20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

Don’t ignore it!

It is the first stage of NHG new repairs and maintenance policy. It is asking residents to formally agree a Qualifying Long Term Agreement for a computer provider for the new repairs service. This will have a major impact on the new repairs service. 

We agree that NHG need to overhaul their repairs and maintenance work and it is good they are looking at how to do it. 

But the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents has real worries about how they are doing it.

We urge residents to have a look at the template letter below and send it in (or write you own concerns about this contract) if you have concerns about this contract. If you do please send a copy to us on:

The end of this consultation is on Monday 24th June so you need to be quick.  

NHG are refusing to disclose the documentation relating to this consultation but we have made a formal complaint to the Regulator of Social Housing. If we are successful with this you should be allowed to see the supporting documentation. We have also asked the Regulator to put back the final date (24 June) to give time to residents to read the documentation and make observations. 

Also, if you have not received the s 20 letter of 24th May from NHG, could you please tell us.

Attached is a template letter (in PDF and Word):

Observations letter S20 QLTA 24 May 2019 in PDF

Observations letter S20 QLTA 24 May 2019 in Word

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