Tues 16 Jan 5:15 pm. This is the shareholder vote! Don’t miss this one!

Protest the merger!

Support shareholders who are fighting the merger!

Put your arguments and views to those shareholders who are undecided.

Tuesday 16 January at 5:15 pm at

Atelier House 64 Pratt Street London NW1 0DL

The shareholders of both Notting Hill and Genesis will vote on the merger at 6:00 pm. So we are meeting a bit before to talk to shareholders as they go in to the meeting.

The meetings are being held on the same day in two different places. For the Notting Hill shareholder meeting see the Facebook page of Notting Hill residents.

There will be second shareholder meetings on 1 February for both shareholders of Genesis and Notting Hill. This is a legal requirement.

Both Housing Associations need two thirds of their shareholders to vote for the merger on 16 Jan for it to go through.

We are already in contact with many shareholders who are against the merger.

We are going to be there to show our support for those shareholders who are against the merger and show those shareholders not yet decided that the residents do not want the merger to go through.

There are strong reasons for not going ahead with the merger. We will be putting those arguments to shareholders as they attend the meeting.

Residents will not be surprised to know that Genesis is using every dirty trick in the book to get their merger through. For example they are refusing to send a letter to all shareholders from residents! And their ‘consultation’ will be only given to the Boards and will not be made public!

And they call themselves transparent!

But residents of Genesis already know the truth.

We all need to be there in force to show our rejection of the merger.

We hope to see you there.

Don’t miss the one!

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