The rules of Genesis Housing Association. For shareholders to compare the rules of the proposed merged organisation to the current Genesis rules

This is a post for the shareholders of Genesis. We believe that shareholders of Genesis should have been given the current rules of Genesis so they could compare the draft rules of the proposed merged organisation with current Genesis rules before their meeting on 16 January 2018.

We post them here.

We understand that there has been one later rule change on 18 October 2016. “Save where the Board agrees that circumstances exist where it would be in the best interest of the Association for the chair to serve a longer period” has been added to rules E 4.

Genesis Residents


constitution pg001


constitution pg002


constitution pg003


constitution pg004


constitution pg005


constitution pg006


constitution pg007


constitution pg008


constitution pg009


constitution pg010

constitution pg011


constitution pg012


constitution pg013


constitution pg014


constitution pg015


constitution pg016


constitution pg017


constitution pg018


constitution pg019


constitution pg020


constitution pg021


constitution pg022


constitution pg023


constitution pg024


constitution pg025


constitution pg026


constitution pg027


constitution pg028


constitution pg029


constitution pg030







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