Residents’ involvement. What questions could residents ask at the Forums?

Residents involvement. What questions could residents ask at the Forums?

Over the past few months NHG have been pushing their ‘residents involvement model.’ 

They have done this through ‘Forums’ and ‘Open Meetings’ as well through the already existing Local Scrutiny Panels.

The problems with the new ‘Residents Involvement model’ are that:

  1. Residents who take part in them lack any power to change things. 
  2. The meetings are run by NHG staff without the involvement of any directly-elected resident representatives (none of the so-called ‘residents representative’ on NHG committees are directly elected). 
  3. Minutes are taken by staff, and only some are made public (we include some minutes/information about these meetings below). 
  4. Residents have no way of checking if issues raised are taken up to higher levels of NHG.
  5. There is no follow up from forum meetings. Residents do not actually know whether there is an improvement or not.
  6. NHG s refuses to release experts’ reports on repairs and maintenance problems. NHG have also refused to make NHG complaints statistics  public.
  7. Residents have absolutely no power to change things as there are no directly elected residents on any committees which have any power. NHG only have ‘selected’ residents on their committees. 

Residents might want to ask some of the following question at these forums: 

  • Why are the so called ‘Residents Representatives’ on the Board paid between £9,000 to £12,000?  Why are they ‘selected’ by NHG management and not directly elected by residents?
  • The ‘Residents Services Committee’ have been ‘selected’ from previous NHH and Genesis committees (they are also paid – we think they are paid about £2,00 to £3,000) . These residents were ‘selected.’ Why not have democratic direct elections of resident representatives? 

  • Why are there no directly elected residents overseeing and checking the maintenance and repairs programme? How can NHG say there are improvements if it is only NHG staff who assess whether the services they provide is improving or not?

  • External consultants have looked at the problems of the repairs system. Why is NHG refusing to disclose the reports from these consultants? 

  • NHG are not disclosing the results of their internal complaints procedure – in particular relating to repairs. Why not disclose this information to residents?

  • In negotiations with the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents, NHG has admitted that ‘We know that we have not always delivered cyclical works in appropriate times in the past.” Will the programme off cyclical maintenance be made public so residents can find out when cyclical maintenance on their home is happening? And what if someone wants to bring their cyclical maintenance forward due to it being long overdue?

  • On service charges. NHG have promised to make sure that no items which are not relevant to a block are put on the Service Charge accounting. Why is this still happening? What practical action is NHG taking to sort this out?

  • How are the new ‘housing officers’ going to be trained to do their work? Has NHG budgeted for training by the recognised expert in the field – the Chartered Institute of Housing? If not, why not?

These are dates of the Forum meetings that we know about (there are probably others):

Weds 15 May    Bruce Kendrick House

Thurs 23 May   – Paddington Arts Centre

Thursday 26 September –  Paddington Arts Centre

Weds 2 October – Barnet

Thursday 12 December – Paddington Arts Centre

Weds 11 December – Bruce Kendrick House

Also included a ‘report of several meetings of residents (February 2019) and a set of minutes written by NHG staff of on forum meeting. See below








Minutes of a NHG ‘forum’ meeting on 27 February in Willesden










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