Report from ‘Safe, Secure Homes for All’ summit 8th December 2018

— Report from “Safe, Secure Homes for All” summit 8th December 2018

The 2018 summit was an important landmark in our on-going campaign to  win safe, secure Homes for All.  About 180 people attended during the day, from a wide-range of places, campaigns and backgrounds.  We want to develop this broad-based alliance in the coming year.  2019 is bound to be one of political uncertainty.  But whatever happens, we won’t allow the housing crisis – and the millions of people who are suffering because of it – to be forgotten.  If there’s an election, we need to make sure housing is high on the agenda.

Key Campaign Points

The day included workshops, each of which agreed key campaign points which will form the basis of our demands next year.

Resisting Estate Demolitions

1.      The Right to Stay Put

2.      Fair Ballots

3.      Link up campaigns on different estates

4.      End two-tier tenancies

5.      No social or ethnic cleansing

Housing Associations (HAs)

1.      Accountability to residents

2.      Democratise HAs

3.      Direct government funding for new and existing homes

4.      More campaigning and protests


1.      No combustible or toxic cladding, internal or external, on homes of  all heights, with  guaranteed protection from cold while cladding and insulation are off

2.      Sprinklers on all blocks above four storeys

3.      Government to pay for all essential safety works, as promised

Private Renters

1.      Charter of Rights to include:

2.      End Section 21 evictions

3.      Secure tenancies

4.      Stop overcrowding

5.      Rent controls

Universal Credit (UC)

1.      No evictions by councils due to rent arrears caused by UC

2.      Councils to call for same commitment from HAs

3.      Build a national network of support

Investing in Council Housing

1.      Government must adopt a national investment plan

2.      Tenants must make demands on council landlords through independent 


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