NHG fails to provide an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment on cladding. A resident speaks out about the consequences.

Dear fellow NHG residents,

Have you been recently refused mortgage or unable to proceed with sale of your flat? I have!

I have been trying to sell for the past 12 months and when eventually a buyer offered, the transaction got stuck, as NHG cannot provide me with most recent and complying with MHCLG Advise note 14, fire risk assessment report for the cladding used in my building. The mentioned regulation was introduced after the Grenfell Tower disaster. Buildings where cladding was used, of 18m and higher, need to comply with the mentioned regulation. Otherwise no bank, lender or financial institution will lend money for re-mortgaging, staircasing and in my case, to the buyer.

My time is running out, not only because I am worried, the buyer will lose interest and go somewhere else (I am not selling for financial gain), but because serious health issues within my family who live abroad. 

I can’t leave all behind here (although sometimes I feel I should) and join them, as I need to keep paying the enormous bills for rent, service charge and mortgage.

I have been chasing at least six different people in NHG for answers for the past three months. None of them can give me information on when I can expect the survey and report to be ready?

An organisation that makes £100 million in profit each year can’t provide a leaseholder with answers, not to mention booking an authorised body to perform the survey!

I have exhausted pretty much all the possibilities I had and need help. I will appreciate if you spread this post wherever you can and let me know if you have similar problem. They say, there is strength in numbers!

A NHG resident

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