The riddle of the disappearing paladins, Veolia, and NHG not paying bills (1)

The riddle of the disappearing paladins, Veolia, and NHG not paying bills (1)

Paladin, Paladin,

Where do you roam………?”

Those of you of a certain age may remember this theme tune…….

It has a resonance currently here in deepest darkest Southend……

Here on the Queen’s Estate, in Baxter Avenue, Veolia, collect our recycling, waste food and general household rubbish every Thursday…. not quite like clockwork but close.

We have four paladins (or Euro Bins??). Two paladins for recycling, two upright bins for the collection of paper and card, and of course the food bin.  All of these bins are for 23 households on the estate.

On Thursday 24th October, all of our recycling bins were removed. They actually tried to remove the four paladins but they were chained to the wall! One poor deluded resident thought that they were (a) going to be cleaned or (b) replaced.  They have not been seen since.

Then on Thursday 31st October…… coincidently Halloween……Veolia appeared, emptied the three paladins – turned the upside down, and put a label on them.  Minutes later another lorry appeared and took all but one of the bins away.

What on earth?

So I emailed representative of NHG and was told in a reply that ‘an outside agency’ had removed the paladins.

Odd!  Who would want to steal ‘manky’ paladins?

Then the truth was revealed…….NHG had not paid the bill for the removal of our rubbish. So although there was an increase in  our Service charges,  NHG appear to be ‘misappropriating’ the money.

I have been given a cock and bull story about invoices being sent to the wrong address.  ….. but let’s be clear, the bill must have been outstanding for some time for Veolia to take such drastic action.

Have residents  been given any apology?  Not on your life.

Have all residents been given the explanation that I have been given?  Not a chance!

Have we got our paladins back?   No!

Thank God it’s not high summer, I have pointed out that this is an environmental issue.

In addition to Service charges, we also pay Council Tax.

….but do NHG give a fig?   

Nope, it’s just social housing tenants that are affected, and they are used to slumming it!

You couldn’t make it up!!!!

STOP PRESS. The latest on the ‘Paladin Heist’ case.

The Paladins have all been returned! Although we understand that Veolia may be holding two paper recycling bins as hostages! We further understand that Veolia have not contacted residents or the management of NHG with their demands for the release the two paper recycling bins – this increases our fear for the safety of the two remaining bins.

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