Our negotiations in 2019 with NHG appear to be bearing fruit. Secure tenants get rent cuts we negotiated with NHG in 2019. But watch out! NHG are about to attack assured tenants!

Rents for older secure tenants (tenancies from before 1989)  who have been tenants for a long time, are being cut as a result of NHGResidents’ negotiations in early 2019 with NHG management (1).  

In these negotiations in 2019, NHG conceded that the massive rent increases against Genesis Housing Association secure tenants in 2016-2018 were unjustified and agreed to a cut in rent for 2019/2020.

Although some of rents seems to be going down, we are very concerned that secure tenants have been receiving letters which appear to breach the NHG agreement with residents (3).  

So we will be asking for further negotiation with NHG in the next few weeks to clarify this. But also to start negotiating future decreases over the next two years when secure tenants face the re-registration of their rents be the Rent Officer. 

But meanwhile, here are examples of secure rents which are now being set, so secure tenants have an idea of what is going on:

Example one (weekly):

Existing secure rent – £144.50

The rent set be the Rent Officer – £167.00

The rent increase finally set by NHG (including as small service charge) which the tenant has to pay – £140.21 (this is a drop in rent of £4.29 per week)

Example two (weekly)

Existing secure rent –   £158.70

The rent set be the Rent Officer –  £197.22

The rent increase finally set by NHG (including a small service charge) who the tenants has to pay – £149.79 (this is a drop in rent of £8.81)

But assured tenants (with tenancies post 1989) will face increases over the next five years unless we act now.  

So we need to get negotiating right now to stop rent increases for all tenants!

NHGResidents urge all NHG tenants to join up to NHGResidents immediately (see the website at http://genesisresidents.org.uk/membership-sign-up/joining/ )

Our unity is our strength.



(1) NHG’s offer arrived on 29 March 2019 by e mail: ”…. the [secure tenant’s] rents were markedly increased in 2015/16 which lead to understandable complaints from effected residents. We didn’t manage the communication and resident engagement on this situation well. For the 2019/20 rent setting regime we have agreed that all secure rents will have a 1% decrease from their 2018/19 level applied on the anniversary of their review, unless they are exempt [our bold].” See:  http://genesisresidents.org.uk/negotiations/rents-first-report-back-on-the-february-19-negotiations-between-the-joint-committee-of-notting-hill-and-genesis-residents-and-the-executive-team-of-nhg/

(2) Secure tenants started receiving letters from NHG in mid 2019 with the following sentence: “When we receive the decision form the VOA, we will compete the new registered rent the VOA have set against the target rent. If the VOA ‘fair rent’ is greater that the target rent we will reduce your current rent by 1%, if not it will remain the same.” 

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