NHG snooping on residents (3). It turns out that only NHG tenants face intrusive questioning. 

‘Annual visits’ by housing officers are cover for intrusive questioning by NHG

NHGResidents has already highlighted the intrusive questioning that tenants face from NHG in ‘annual visits’.  You can see the posts on this issue on the website (1). 

NHG housing officers have ask a number of intrusive questions on: Marital status, sexual orientation, religious orientation, proof of ID, passport, driving licence, national insurance number, children’s names and dates of birth, are they living with the tenant and if not, when did they leave?

But leaseholders apparently don’t suffer this level of questioning and snooping

We asked NHG if leaseholders are also targeted with intrusive questions. 

The reply from a NHG manager was very straightforward: ‘No’ (2) .

So why are tenants targeted for this kind of treatment? How can it possibly be acceptable under Data Protection rules? Why is there a two tier system – one for tenants and another for leaseholders?

NHGResidents will be taking this up with NHG and the Information Commissioner. 

If you have suffered this kind of intrusive questioning from NHG, please tell us about it on genesis.residents.action@gmail.com



(1) http://genesisresidents.org.uk/issuescampaigns/nhg-snooping-on-residents-1-a-residents-experience-of-an-nhg-housing-officer-visit/      

NHG snooping on residents (2).  The tactics of the East German Stasi re-created by NHG

(2) “A property management officer (PMO) does not conduct annual visits to the individual properties in their patch. Though they do manage those residents accounts they do not inspect the demised property as would a Housing Officer.  The PMO conducts planned inspections for the estates that they manage and their communal areas on an agreed regularity specific to the circumstances of each scheme – either monthly, quarterly or six monthly. However, they would also attend in between these times to meet with residents, inspect repairs or otherwise as required in completing their duties as a property manager.”

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