NHG snooping on residents (1). A resident’s experience of an NHG ‘housing officer visit.’

A resident’s experience of an NHG ‘housing officer visit.’

NHG Promise to Residents. 

Following a meeting of an NHG Forum at the Paddington Arts Centre on the 26th September 2019, we were informed by NHG that Westminster, along with Newham, would be switched from the Genesis App (for paying rent , logging repairs, etc.) to the new ‘Workwise’ platform.

We were also told we would be informed during October of the name and relevant phone  number of our new Housing Officer. After several calls, I managed to get the housing officer`s name and numbers

No communication from NHG

Well, October came and went, still no communication from NHG.

The Genesis App was turned off on the 1st of October.

I went to the web site to find the new app. After much difficulty and several phone calls I finally manage to log on. Looking at my rent account, there was a miscellaneous debit of £211.65 with capital letters after it. £211.65 “ADJ GBBF”

ADJ I believe means Adjustment. I have no idea what GB means and I think BF means Brought Forward.

NHG has so far been unable to explain or give me any information on this. I have said that until they explain very clearly I will be withholding my rent. 

The new housing officer starts asking out-of-order questions

I called the new Housing Officer who seemed charming and very positive on the phone. So against my better judgment, I thought I would invite him round.

He started by asking:

My name 

Marital status
Sexual orientation
Religious orientation

Then he asked me for ID
Driving Licence
National Insurance No
Children’s names and DOB
Were they living with me if not, when did they leave? 

I was furious. I asked why are you asking me these things?

His answer?  NHG must be seen to be fair to everyone. NHG cannot be seen to discriminate against minority groups (reading between the lines – except those in social housing like me) 

Cyclical repairs policy only requires action every 15 years

I brought up my tenancy agreement. It says its a legally binding agreement between myself and my landlord. I agree to pay the rent and NHG agree to do the cyclical repairs every 5 years.

He said he knew nothing about that and that the new policy was to inspect the properties every 15 years and if something needs doing then they would look at it 

So much for the new merged Notting Hill Genesis.

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