NHG finally cave in on Fire Risk Assessments! One more hole in the  wall of secrecy of NHG and other housing associations!  

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) finally admitted defeat at the meeting with the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents on 19 February

Fire Risk Assessments on all of their blocks will now be disclosed on request of a resident – tenant, shared owner or leaseholder. 

This contrasts with their response after the Grenfell disaster. Back in October 2017, Genesis Housing Association management (now merged with Notting Hill Housing to create NHG) absolutely refused to disclose FRAs stating: “The FRAs are not published as they are being constantly updated – as the work is done to address any issues raised by the report, the associated risk will necessarily change, making the relevant FRA become out of date….We have identified 2,493 blocks which require FRAs(1).”

This is a big victory of residents across the whole sector as housing associations have traditionally refused to disclose Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) even after the disaster at Grenfell

Housing Associations have begun to back down across the whole sector

This means that now – nearly two years after Grenfell – at least five London housing associations are beginning to bend under the pressure of residents and campaigners. 

On 4 October 2018 at the Q and A organised by London Assembly members, four housing association bosses said they were either looking at disclosing Fire Risk Assessments or had already done so. 

Sian Berry, London Assembly Member, asked the CEOs who were being questioned: “Are you publicising Fire Risk Assessments?”

The answers from the CEO of the four housing associations:

Helen Evans (CEO of Network Homes): “We are not publishing FRAs currently but we are preparing to start publishing them. If people ask for them we will give them.  We will hand them out. We haven’t put them up on the website in the way that is being suggested. Partly because the way, at the moment, they are written is very technical and we are translating sometimes hundreds of actions….”

Rod Cahill (CEO of Catalyst). “We are looking at the publication of FRAs but that is a massively complicated issue, in principle in favour of doing it…”

Geeta Nanda (CEO Metropolitan Housing Association) : “We haven’t as yet [agreed to disclose FRAs] but again we are looking at it…”

David Montague ( CEO of L and Q):  “We are sharing FRAs on request and we planning to put them on our website It is just a matter of finding the best way of doing it.” 

(1) Undated letter from Neil Hadden CEO of Genesis Housing Association to Genesis Residents. Received October 2017

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