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Blistering attack by Karen Buck MP

Repairs have been a constant problem with Genesis Housing Association.

Karen Buck MP for North Westminster wrote a highly unusual blistering attack in 2015

“Housing is a huge problem in Westminster and many residents contact me about issues like affordability, disrepair and overcrowding. These come from all over and all sectors, but unfortunately a great many of the complaints I receive about these issues from social tenants are about Genesis Housing Association”

You can read the report on:

CEO promises that ‘schedulers’ will be recruited to try to improve things, 

In exchanges between the CEO of Genesis and Karen Buck we understand that Karen Buck got an undertaking that

“Training Contact Centre staff to be able to handle more issues without referring them to the back office – cutting out a stage of communication where many issues seem to get lost.”

“Recruiting Scheduler Development Co-ordinators as a step towards ensuring maintenance jobs are followed through to completion.”

We understand that ‘schedulers’ chase up and make sure that repairs are actually completed.

Where things seem to go wrong nowadays is this problem of “following through to completion.”

Genesis claim there are adequate ‘schedulers’ and their performance figures appear to show no problem 

In 2016 we asked for more information about the ‘schedulers’ which may be a problem with the current process.

At the time (July 2016) we were told:

[The Director of Property Services] confirms that we have adequate resources in terms of schedulers – and indeed, he has provided me with these latest statistics on our customer service performance in this field.

1. June Performance Update

Resident Satisfaction  Overall 76% year to date (London average scored by House Mark 69%)

Post Inspection. Resident satisfaction with recent transaction 85%

However we know that the level of complaints regarding repairs remains high.

In addition, at the demonstration outside Genesis on 14th December 2016, residents gave accounts of damage to health because of repairs taking  literally years.

On 28 February Genesis Residents organised a meeting to discuss strategy on how we can collectively try to get things changed. There is a report of this meeting on our Facebook Page which is available on the right hand side of the website page.

At present (April 2017) Genesis Residents is asking all residents for information about cyclical maintenance and repair issues for our campaign for an effective maintenance and repair system in Genesis.

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