Karen Buck MP is conducting another survey into Notting Hill Genesis. 

Karen Buck MP is conducting another survey into Notting Hill Genesis. 

You can give your views!

Karen Buck MP is running a new survey on NHG. 

If you want to put your views, you can find Karen Buck’s survey here:


This latest survey from Karen Buck asks for residents’ views on NHG – including:

  • general satisfaction, 
  • experiences of reporting problems, 
  • service charges, 
  • transfers, 
  • anti social behaviour

The previous survey in 2015

Residents will remember the survey that Karen Buck carried out in 2015 about Genesis. Her report can be found here:


Karen said then:

“The overriding complaint is about poor communication; whether getting through to the Contact Centre, missed maintenance appointments with no notice, unanswered emails to the service charge team to resolve obvious billing errors or complaints about nuisance neighbours falling on deaf ears.”

Emma Dent Coad MP’s survey on NHG in 2019

Karen Buck’s report was –  unfortunately – followed by another report by Emma Dent Coad MP in January 2019 ‘Drop the MP. A catalogue of housing management failure in Kensington constituency’ also sharply criticising NHG. 

You can find Emma Dent Coad’s  report here:


This report noted that:

“Housing Associations are meant to provide social housing at social rents, however the experience of my constituents shows that increasingly HAs are acting increasingly like businesses rather than social landlords working on behalf of their tenants.”

Emma Dent Coad goes on to say:

‘Notting Hill Genesis are the worst offenders in Kensington. Despite making up around 29% of Housing Association properties in RBKC they make up more than 50% of my housing disrepair cases.” 

NHG refuse to disclose complaints statistics

Of course, NHG still refuse to publish statistics of complaints so residents have no way of knowing if there has been any improvement or not.  

Unfortunately, the knee jerk NHG reaction is to cover up. 

The Board and Management might want to re-consider. 

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