Disclose all fire risk assessments! The Board and the Executive Team should do the right thing. 

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) should agree that all Fire risk Assessments (FRA) are disclosed – up until now they have refused to disclose FRAs to residents. 

On 8 October Inside Housing, the trade magazine,  reported the failure to replace a door in Grenfell by what is now Notting Hill Genesis (1). 

In the article it says that a resident of Grenfell, Nadia Jafari, gave evidence that – what was then –  Notting Hill Housing (now NHG) had failed to repair a front door. Notting Hill Housing had temporary accommodation homes in Grenfell. 

The report notes that an expert witness stated that around 100 doors were ‘non compliant’ in the block as a whole. 

From the article, it appears that it was a problem with ‘self closing front doors. Although a Notting Hill Housing officer had said that it would be fixed, no one came to do the work. 

The article says that Notting Hill Housing owned three flats in the building. 

As far as we are aware, NHG still refuses to disclose Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) to residents who request them. However NHG say it are ‘keen to learn from the recommendations that come out of the inquiry.’

On the website NHG have said:

“At present, we provide key summaries of the reports on request. These are very technical documents and a summary is often easier to digest. However, we are currently reviewing our position following our merger and will update residents on that once the review is complete.” (2)

In the light of this evidence would it not a good thing for NHG to publicly announce that it will disclose all Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) across all its building? 

Over to you, Board and Executive Team – now is the time to do the right thing. Give a commitment to disclose all Fire Risk Assessments. And disclose also what recommendations have been carried out.

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  2. https://genesisha.org.uk/my-home/maintaining-my-home/your-guide-fire-safety

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