Internet democracy

Voting procedures

Methods of electronic voting are being discussed in general meetings and tested on the website.

We need to use an electronic voting system as the membership of Genesis Residents cover the whole of the Notting Hill Genesis organisation.

Notting Hill Genesis house some 170,000 people within some 64,000 homes across over more than 80 boroughs over the South East of the UK.

It is impossible to have general meetings to decide policy and action using traditional meeting-based voting only.

Genesis Residents must therefore use a method of electronic discussion and voting.

There are number of options for members to consider.

Google Drive Spreadsheets

We use a Google Drive spreadsheet (like we use for membership). This allowed us, for example, to carry out part of the ‘I vote No’ campaign against the merger at the end fo 2017.


The second option is DemocracyOS which is an international project which offers free software to allow discussion and voting. It allows for discussion before voting and allows a resident to change their vote as the discussion develops. The voting procedure is not anonymous.


The third option another voting process which encourages voters to try to arrive at a collective decision that everyone agrees on.  This process also allows discussion and changes to the original proposal. As with DemocracyOS the voting procedure is not anonymous.

Articles on internet democracy

Here are a couple of articles about the various methods of voting (but a Google search will reveal many more articles and discussion on this interesting issue)