About Genesis Residents

Genesis Residents is an association for residents of what was Genesis Housing Association.

We are a membership organisation of residents of Notting Hill Genesis.  

We work closely with LIstenNHH – the organisation for residents of what was Notting Hill Housing.

Genesis Residents was formed in 2016 by a group of residents fighting large rent increases. Genesis Residents had its first public meeting in November 2016.

We support the original principles of the housing association movement and oppose the current direction of the movement which is turning housing associations into commercial volume housebuilders without ethics or values, constructing only very small amounts of social housing.

page1image3714736The Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Team and the Board of NHG of the merged Notting Hill Genesis have made – and continue to make – serious policy mistakes and poor decisions which we have challenged and will continue to challenge. We oppose the merger of Genesis Housing Association and Notting Hill Housing which was  rejected by residents of both housing associations.

Current issues which are of concern to residents can be seen on our website:


and on our Facebook page:


We can be contacted on our e mail   genesis.residents.action@gmail.com

Our aim is to create a unified  voice to speak to Notting Hill Genesis and the public. Join us!