Genesis fails to hide Its tracks as it puts more people on the street.

It’s up to us all to defend social housing or it will disappear!

Genesis has – once again – had a planning application blocked by the Mayor of London because its plan showed ‘How not to do estate regeneration.’ 

Why? There were not enough social homes.

In an article (1) in the trade magazine, Inside Housing, on 18 December, it is reported that the plans at Grahame Park in North London ‘involve knocking down 692 socially rented homes and replacing them with 435.’

Inside Housing reports that:

“Barnet Council, which approved the application from housing association Genesis to redevelop the estate last month, has been told to work with City Hall planners to redesign the scheme to include more social housing.”

Steve HIlditch, a powerful critic of the current unethical leadership of the housing association movement notes in his blog (2) that:

“Surely it is a basic principle that there should be full replacement of all social rented homes knocked down? Sadiq Khan’s decision to refuse permission for Genesis’s Grahame Park  regeneration in Barnet due to the loss of social rented homes demonstrates two points: first how unambitious social housing agencies have been in trying to build for the poorest, and secondly, that the mood is shifting against them.”

Of course residents of Genesis know exactly what the executive team of Genesis are doing. This is a deliberate policy of using regeneration, sales of existing social homes and ‘conversions’ to out-of-reach ‘affordable’ rent to actively destroy social housing, because it thinks the profits are bigger elsewhere. 

For more info see the Genesis Residents website:

But don’t just get angry. 

Join our struggle against the Genesis merger with Notting Hill!

Our next action is the shareholders’s meeting on 16 January.  Shareholders are under immense pressure to agree this merger on 16 Jan. We must support those who are against the merger and persuade those who are undecided to vote against the merger.

Be there to make your voice heard. It’s up to you to defend social housing – otherwise it will go. Keep your eye on this site for plans – and put the date in your diary!

Tuesday 16 January at 5:15pm

At the Camden Office of Genesis Housing Association

Atelier House

64 Pratt Street





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